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Introducing Colorado’s Leading Partnership of Experience Concierges

Meeting at a networking event, Kayla Carter and Linda Polanowski quickly became good friends when they discovered that they both not only enjoyed great dining, hiking, and dancing, but they also treasured and prioritized connecting deeply with family and friends.

When she learned Linda’s birthday was approaching, having gotten to know Linda well and having shared so many common passions, Kayla skillfully organized a personalized celebratory staycation filled with Linda’s favorite activities. “I was in heaven,” Linda explained. “I couldn’t believe how much blissful enjoyment we could have in a weekend. I also knew that Kayla must have put an inordinate amount of time and energy into planning such an amazing surprise.”

The celebration was so outstanding she thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could experience such a fabulous weekend like this? People NEED to enjoy special times like these.” Ideas started churning. Together, they brainstormed ways to design unforgettable experiences that would give others the opportunity to escape, relax and be spoiled – without worrying about the time and effort it took to plan them.

With Kayla’s background in planning amazing events and Linda’s astute finance, business, and management skills, they decided to create this vision together. Hence, Memorable Escapes was born!

Meet Kayla Carter

Hello, I’m Kayla and I live for planning parties. I enjoy creating opportunities for people to meet, mingle and make new connections. In the beginning of my career, I was a primary French immersion teacher in Vancouver, Canada. The most exciting part of this career was planning holiday events for the school community – my colleagues, the students and their parents. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion for event planning.

From 2014 to 2016, I planned events for expats at the Stockholm International School in Sweden. I organized unique outings and creative adventures to bring the expats together. These events were wildly successful in creating a close-knit, supportive community abroad.

While combining my negotiating and organizational skills, my goal is to design fun, shared experiences that bring people together to create deeper, more fulfilling connections.

Meet Linda Polanowski

Hello, I’m Linda. Given the markedly changing times and world, I wanted to create something that was needed, but something fresh and from the heart – something that would bring pure joy and delight to people in this complicated and busy world.

You know how kids’ faces shine when they’re playing and laughing? I want to see adults feel and exude joy like that again! After spending 20 years managing mission-critical systems at high tech companies, I know about stress and how to make things happen. And as a mom, I continually strive to create special moments. To me, Memorable Escapes combines my skills to create a wonderful endeavor that enables adults to simply play, have fun and enjoy the moment. It is a gratifying gift that makes me smile.

Let us Create a Memorable Escape for You

While emerging from the pandemic, with all the stress, anxiety, and isolation it produced, we saw a critical need for friends and families to reconnect and enjoy special times together. As two moms who come from backgrounds in high tech and education, we understand the importance of truly taking quality breaks where you can completely relax and unwind. As experience concierges, we want you to feel spoiled!

Therefore, we have done the research to find the secret local gems and best local activities, excursions, restaurants, accommodations in the Boulder/Denver metro area. We have partnered with these providers to design and to deliver exceptional outings for you, your family and/or employees. We handle the logistics and planning so all you have to do is simply enjoy the escape!

“Memorable Escapes is top notch in what they do. Linda and Kayla were very involved and attentive in making sure everyone was relaxed and enjoyed the well-planned event that I experienced. I highly recommend them.” – S. Bell, Louisville, CO

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